“So what is it that makes you innovative?” 

Great question! Although you’ll find our crew performing regular maintenance services every week, what we do, and how we do it, goes far beyond pruning bushes, cutting grass, and spreading mulch.


Landscape Innovation is the result of backgrounds not only in landscaping and hardscaping, but in artistry and design. Our signature is work that resolves the practical elements, yet moves beyond those elements into the aesthetic. 

Andrew Emanuel and Micah McAllister, our company’s founders, worked for years as contractors in the landscaping industry before starting Landscape Innovation in 2016. They decided they wanted greater design and artistic independence and to build more personal relationships with the homeowners and businesses they service. 

This is what makes us innovative. We do the very best, not the bare minimum. We listen carefully to our customers’ concerns and needs. We value their input. We respect their budget. 



Our Services

Patios & Hardscaping, Native Landscaping, and Lawn Care: we'll build your patio,  mulch your beds, or redesign your whole yard! 

Our Customers

“Ask them what to do with a disheveled yard, and they’ll turn it into the envy of the neighborhood!” See what more satisfied customers say!

Our Resources

Learn more about your lawn and become empowered to make great decisions about your landscaping!

Our Galleries

Satisfied customers, beautiful yards. Check out galleries of some of our work. 

Micah &


Artists at heart, and landscapers by trade, Founders Micah McAllister and Andrew Emanuel's combined creative backgrounds include musical performance, painting, writing, and sports. Andrew’s prowess as a skateboarder even landed him a professional sponsorship, although he’ll never admit to it!

“We like to have fun with what we do," Micah says. "We see ourselves as individuals working with individuals, not as a company dealing with clients.”

With over ten years of professional landscaping experience, they specialize in thorough, efficient, and courteous hardscaping and landscaping services, including plant design and installation, landscape maintenance, as well as patio and retaining wall construction.

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Serving Chattanooga Tennessee

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