We specialize in Patios & Hardscaping, Native Landscaping, and Lawn Care


Landscape Innovation is the result of backgrounds not only in landscaping and hardscaping, but in artistry and design.


Our signature is work that resolves the practical elements, yet moves beyond those elements into the aesthetic. 

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Patios & Hardscaping

We specialize in building sturdy, aesthetic stonework as we create gorgeous patios, aesthetic retaining walls, and ornate walkways. Our list of services also includes outdoor stairs, ponds and fountains, stone steppers, and much more.

Hardscaping in east Tennessee means regularly working with hillsides, tough soil, and erosion issues. As a result, we take great care in dealing with the practical issues involved in a hardscaping project, understanding the unique layout of the space. However, once the practical and functional elements have been addressed, the true creative aspect of Landscape Innovation comes through in our beautiful designs.

We are passionate about serving our clients in Knoxville and Chattanooga, with thorough, efficient, and courteous hardscaping.


Native Landscaping

Our landscaping services include not only creating and installing beautiful native landscape designs, but carefully maintaining them as well. We provide pruning services, mulching, bed maintenance, weeding, and plant care, as well as new home landscape design, mulch bed installation, tree and shrub planting, sod and irrigation, river rock, and much more!

We understand how easy it is to fall behind on landscape maintenance, but we also take great pride in our ability to restore even the most neglected space, and to create an aesthetic and long lasting design even for the most vacant.

Give us a call! We can’t wait to bring back the natural beauty of your landscaping, or to help you create an entirely new design.


Lawn Care

The beauty of our lawncare services is that our lawns tend to look better and better the longer we service them. For all of our regular lawncare clients, we provide tidy mowing, edging, and leafblowing, as well the option of yearly aeration, fertilizer, and overseeding. 

We like to go the extra mile with our lawncare, so don’t be surprised if you come home to find that a little extra leafblowing was done, the weeds out front were pulled, or that bare spot in your lawn is disappearing! It’s our way of saying "thank you!"




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